A first preview of Chris Montesano’s highly anticipated node-based material system for CINEMA 4D is now available. The plugin is called cmNodes and is set out to scratch an itch of every serious CINEMA 4D artist that has existed for a  very long time now. A thread at CGTalk quickly rose to 7k views and […]

Welcome back. In the  first episode of our Introduction to CINEMA 4D SDK tutorial series, we created a shader plugin sporting a turbulence based noise. In This Episode Further customizing our result from last episode, we are going to be adding a slider to the user interface to control the octaves of the turbulence function. […]

If you have ever been wanting to write your own plugins for CINEMA 4D, or in fact for any application that exposes an API for other developers to use, you probably know that setting up your IDE such that you can actually start coding can be a bit cumbersome. Depending on the needs of the […]

Thanks to the generosity of Filip Malmberg we now have an open source version of Solid Chamfer 2.2! Since a precompiled OS X version of the plugin was missing I grabbed the source from the Google Code project page and compiled it for your downloading pleasure. Be sure to drop by Filip’s thread on cgtalk […]

I recently updated the popular Chamfer Maker plugin so it works with CINEMA 4D R15. You can download the plugin at the end of this post. The ZIP file includes pre-compiled plugins for CINEMA 4D versions R12 through R15. There are a few changes to the old version but that is best explained in a […]

One of my most often used reference tools in Shake, back when I was using it as my main compositing tool, is Andras Szocs’ excellent SliceTool Macro. This is how it looks like: When I was getting into Nuke then, I immediately noticed by absence how valuable a tool like this actually is.

3D sculpted model WIP

So, I finally got my Intuos replacement pen and I took the opportunity to further my digital sculpting skills. I just started this head of a colored man with a beard. Why colored? I don’t know, honestly. I just have this very specific image in my head of a colored male, very knowledgeable in some […]

Welcome to the new and improved Iris VFX portfolio / blog. Over the course of the next few weeks I will begin moving a lot of the work samples and private posts over to the new site. Until then not much can be seen here but still: Enjoy your visit! André