A first preview of Chris Montesano’s highly anticipated node-based material system for CINEMA 4D is now available. The plugin is called cmNodes and is set out to scratch an itch of every serious CINEMA 4D artist that has existed for a  very long time now.

A thread at CGTalk quickly rose to 7k views and now has above 100 replies. Amidst all this excitement Chris drops a link to his website where you get to download the first preview build for free.

The plugin can downloaded by following this link. It requires CINEMA 4D R14 on Windows or OS X.

I would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to Chris for involving the community this early on.
A smart move in my book and one that I fully support.

Thinking about offering my help to Chris. Maybe even just for the documentation or tutorials. Because I feel this plugin is a very important addition for the CINEMA 4D community.

In closing I will leave you with this image that user rsquires shared in the thread to give you an impression what can be done already with this marvellous plugin.

Again, thank you, Chris, and all the best!

(by the way, his site has a tip jar ;) )

cmNodes v1 preview
cmNodes v1 tests by Richard Squires



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