Thanks to the generosity of Filip Malmberg we now have an open source version of Solid Chamfer 2.2! Since a precompiled OS X version of the plugin was missing I grabbed the source from the Google Code project page and compiled it for your downloading pleasure. Be sure to drop by Filip’s thread on cgtalk […]

I recently updated the popular Chamfer Maker plugin so it works with CINEMA 4D R15. You can download the plugin at the end of this post. The ZIP file includes pre-compiled plugins for CINEMA 4D versions R12 through R15. There are a few changes to the old version but that is best explained in a […]

One of my most often used reference tools in Shake, back when I was using it as my main compositing tool, is Andras Szocs’ excellent SliceTool Macro. This is how it looks like: When I was getting into Nuke then, I immediately noticed by absence how valuable a tool like this actually is.

3D sculpted model WIP

So, I finally got my Intuos replacement pen and I took the opportunity to further my digital sculpting skills. I just started this head of a colored man with a beard. Why colored? I don’t know, honestly. I just have this very specific image in my head of a colored male, very knowledgeable in some […]